Short Film, "Trial By Twitter," Released Online Featuring Ensemble Cast

Short Film, "Trial By Twitter," Released Online Featuring Ensemble Cast

The Comedy Film Stars Several Exciting Fresh Hollywood Actors Making Moves In Hollywood

"Trial By Twitter," a comedy short film, written by veteran writer, Sherrie Kelley, was released today online. The new film features an ensemble cast of of young Hollywood actors packaged together by the talent management company, Harris Management.

"Trial By Twitter" is a fun story that looks at the role social media plays in the lives of young people today, especially one bachelor who is put "on trial" via Twitter by his fiancee and her friends after he seemingly takes things a bit too far during his bachelor party the night before his wedding.

The film stars Addy Green, Ekeobong Utibe, Karah Britton, Aletha Shepherd, and Peter Hodge, all of whom are managed by Harris Management. All of whom have been making moves this last year in Hollywood.

Addy Green is the star of two feature films in post production now and has two others she has been cast in set to begin shooting soon. Aletha Shepherd is the centerpiece of a new ad campaign that will begin airing on The CW this summer about their summer lineup and she has also been busy with several commercials and other film projects she has shot in the last few months. Ekeobong Utibe just wrapped work on a film project in which she plays a very dramatic starring role about incidents in the middle of an African civil war. Karah Britton has recently worked in several short films and appeared on stage recently at an L.A. area comedy club. Peter Hodge, among other things, is also wrapping up work on an exciting new TV pilot and web series in which he is one of the main stars.

"This is a phenomenal cast and a group of people who individually are stars in their own right," said Dianna Perales Harris, who produced the film. "Seeing them work together was awesome. The chemistry and professionalism was a joy to take in. And it comes through in the film. I can't wait to get them all together again if they aren't too busy, on a full length feature. But I won't be surprised to see them all take off individually as we are seeing happen already."

Warning, though the film is a comedy, there is some adult language used.

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