Maggie Egan Cast In Exciting New Web Series, "The Doll"

Maggie Egan Cast In Exciting New Web Series, "The Doll"

This Casting Marks The Second For Egan In As Many Weeks

Maggie Egan, who was just cast in "Grey's Anatomy" last week, has also been picked up for a leading role in a new webseries, "The Doll," which is expected to begin filming and airing early next year.

Egan will play the part of a a doll collector mom who competes and wins doll collector competitions. Her son is also a doll collector, following in his Mom's footsteps. Except when it comes to his girlfriend. She's not a "Barbie" and his Mom has real issues with that.

"This is going to be a really fun project," Egan said. "I am excited to be involved on a web series. The Internet as a distributor for creative and different kinds of work is such a great development. I am eager to have a project that is out there. I've done and continue to do TV and film, but I think we, as actors, can't ignore the opportunities to get out work on the web as well. I think so many people today see content there, probably as much or more than TV and film sometimes. I can't wait to get to work on this series."

In addition to this and her new role on "Grey's Anatomy," Egan has worked on a long list of TV shows, films and commercials. She has been on such hit series "Malcolm In The Middle," "ER," "The Mentalist," "CSI" and many others, and been in a number of major studio films as well.

She is managed by Harris Management and represented theatrically and commerically by Synergy Talent.

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