Joe Montagna Signs With Harris Management

The Actor Has Appeared On "CSI: NY" And "Entourage"

Harris Management has signed the actor Joe Montagna to a management deal. Montagna has played roles on such popular television hits as "CSI: NY" and "Entourage" in addition to other shows and films.

Harris Management's Tara Kurtz will be managing Montagna and sees a lot ahead for the late-starting actor. "Joe is relatively new to making a career as an actor," she said. "But in a short time, he has dedicated himself to the right training, working with some of the best teachers and has been able to book some really major shows already, pretty much on his own. That bodes very well for his future. I can see a lot of roles that can use his casting type and he can back that up with talent."

Montagna is a New York born and raised actor, growing up on Long Island. He brings a strong physical presence to his work, being a former athlete, a highly scouted baseball player in his high school and college days, and he continues to be a self-proclaimed fitness and exercise junkie.

Montagna is a true character actor and will be seen even more in the months and years to come.

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Dionna Livingston Publicist, Harris Management
Dionna Livingston Publicist, Harris Management
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