Jazsmin Lewis Books Leading Role In Upcoming Action Film

Jazsmin Lewis Books Leading Role In Upcoming Action Film

The Feature Film Begins Shooting Next Month In Philadelphia

Friday, September 19, 2014 — Fans of popular and busy actress Jazsmin Lewis are in for a special treat in her next movie, which begins filming next month in Philadelphia. The actress will be playing a revenge-seeking action hero in the film.

 It is a much more physical role than the actress has done recently, but it is not new to her or out of the realm of her skills considering she started out doing action and she is still in so-called "fighting form."

"I have been wanting to get back to doing a physical role like this for some time," Lewis said. "I love martial arts and getting to do fighting scenes, getting to kick some butt. So this is going to be a fun role to play and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised to see me do this because it is so different than what they have been seeing me do lately."

The movie is a crime drama called "Pantheress" and it is about a heroic heroine who takes on some evil doers out to destroy her community. 

This casting continues a string of busy months for the seemingly always working actress. Another film, "Conflict Of Interest" is due out soon, she is working on another film project for her own production company and she has agreed to take on the title role in the comedy feature, "Wanda's Place." She also has several other films that were released in the last year alone. Lewis is certainly showing no signs of slowing down despite her long list of film and TV credits.