Dep Kirkland Signs With Harris Management

Dep Kirkland Signs With Harris Management

Kirkland Has Appeared In A Number Of Hit TV Shows

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 — Dep Kirkland, whose resume includes roles on a number of hit TV shows, has signed with Harris Management.

Kirkland has a guest star role on the upcoming Showtime series from David Lynch, "Twin Peaks," and has already had roles on such hits as "Law & Order: SVU," and "Law & Order," He has also been cast in several feature films.

Kirkland is a director as well, with several films under his belt, a published book author, and a writer for stage and film. A former prosecutor before finding his passion for film and TV acting, Kirkland brings a lot of experiences to his roles and talents.

Dep is an amazing guy. He has been doing this business for a while now so he knows his way around it. He is also incredibly talented and driven to succeed as an actor, and in his other endeavors as well. We are very lucky to be working with him.

- Earnest Harris, Manager

Kirkland is definitely making moves in Hollywood.

Cassidy Reader Management Assistant at Harris Management