Addy Green Shooting Next Feature Film In Boston This Week

Addy Green Shooting Next Feature Film In Boston This Week

The Actress Moved Directly From One Film Shoot To This One

Within just days of wrapping her part in one feature film shot in Palm Springs last week, Addy Green has moved on to Boston this week to shoot her next role in yet another feature.

Green is playing a leading role in the feature film, "A Killer Serve," about the daughter of a mob boss who falls for a handsome professional tennis player with a notorious reputation of abusing women. 

Green is actually right at home in Boston, as she grew up in the area. So the casting is perfect for her. "Shooting this movie is a double bonus for me," Green said. "I get to work on this great film and I get to spend time in my home state. Going straight from shooting one movie in a place like Palm Springs, with a totally different climate, while playing a totally different character, to an area like Boston and a different role, is so fun. I could do this all the time. It is why I got into acting in the first place."

Green, who is also an in-demand model, comes with a wide range of skills and talents. She was educated in Massachusetts and received her degree there. She is also a PhD candidate, so she is far more than just another pretty face.

Green starred in three other films, shot last year, and expected to debut later this year and early next year and moves on to yet another film later this month, shooting in various locations in the Western states.

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