Addy Green In Midst Of Shooting Latest Feature Film

Addy Green In Midst Of Shooting Latest Feature Film

The Actress Is Playing A Starring Role In The Film, "Sophie Gold - Diary Of A Gold Digger"

Friday, July 25, 2014 — Addy Green is on set this week, shooting her latest feature film, "Sophie Gold - The Diary of a Gold Digger." Green plays a starring role in this interesting new film about Hollywood and dream making.

Green, who has been busy with a string of feature film roles, began work on this movie just days ago. This film is relatively close to home for Green in several ways in that it is about Hollywood life and what some people will do to make it.

"This part and this film certainly resonated with me," Green said about her decison to take on the role. "I know all too well people like my character and the others in the movie. And so do most of us working in Los Angeles. I think that is why the film will do so well with all of us in the business, being able to see some of the daily drama played out. But I have a feeling the film will also be of great interest to people outside of the business who always want to know about Hollywood and the sacrifices people make to be here and pursue stardom and their dreams. It is a great story."

Addy Green will be going from this movie project on to yet another one in just weeks, as the actress and in-demand model is seemingly coming to the attention of a lot of people making casting decisions. Green has long since proven she is more than another model-turned-actress. She is a talented actress who has taken on leading roles in no less than three films in the last year, with several other projects coming up soon. She is a woman on the way to major recognition in just a matter of time.

Addy Green is represented by Harris Management.