Addy Green Cast In Leading Role In Commercial

Addy Green Cast In Leading Role In Commercial

The Spot Is Shooting Over Two Days And Will Showcase Green's Comedic Talents

Addy Green has been cast in the leading role in a commercial that begins shooting today in Los Angeles. The commercial, for an air fresher, will give the actress a chance to showcase her comedic skills, which will be a big change considering she is coming off filming three dramatic feature films.

The new commercial spot for the product Minibini, will also feature Green using her native Bostonian accent. So this will be a big change from roles she has played recently. Green starred in the thriller, "Muck," which also featured several well-known actress, and played the lead role in yet another thriller that wrapped just a couple of months ago, "The House of Lizzie Borden." 

So she was thrilled to play a fun role in the recently filmed comedy short film, "Trial By Twitter," and to get such a fun and altogether different kind of character like the one she is playing in this commercial.

"I love doing dramatic acting," Green said. "But I love having the chance to show people that I can really do a lot of different kinds of things. To show my range. People who see me in those two features are going to be very surprised at how different I am in this commercial."

Doing these two comedic jobs are a good change of pace indeed, as it is also the case that Green is in talks to take on the starring role in yet another major feature film project. Drama, comedy, thriller, long form or short form, TV or film, Green is making it clear she is capable of doing it all and doing it all well.

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